Saturday, 3rd January 2015: Outfit of the day!

The outfit you can see above is one of my favourites at the moment. If you want to see how it looks like worn please check out my Facebook page ( 

All parts of the outfit are from ZARA and I have to say that I am in general a ZARA girl because they have the latest trends and the clothes look like good quality (though they are not necessarily :)). When combining outfits I like to mix different styles to make it unique. In this case I am mixing a cool  black leather jacket and cool black biker boots with fluffy a pink wide jumper and a girly white skirt. Though the components of the outfit might be contradictory they still much build a harmonic overall picture. So just take a look in your closet and rethink how you could combine pieces to a cool outfit which at first sight don´t seem to fit together. You are welcomed to post your pictures here! :) 

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Saturday, 27th of December: Dream big?!

Moving back from London I found myself totally lost in my home town. Looking for a new job, living back at home again and dealing with the same old environment I felt like moving backwards. Living my old life while getting older, leaving exciting London big city life behind. It is so awkward when things actually don´t turn out the way we imagined it though we actually did not have had any imagination  before about how things should turn out. You just know it should not be that way when it happens!! It feels like giving up on dreams, giving up the master plan, getting closer to a "normal" life. DREAM BIG! That´s what they say and yes I do. Maybe too big? Imagining myself living in this city forever, getting a normal boring job, marrying a boring guy and getting kids this imagination nearly kills me. But well, that´s what most people do. I always had the image of myself living in a big city like London or New York... staying young forever..having an exciting job..maybe work autonomous, found a company, get rich and find this one crazy guy. But I guess as we get older we realise that  there is a difference between what we imagine for ourself and what we actually get. This is probably normal and I wish I could be happy with what I have and I know it is not little but still there is this little inner voice yelling at me..."out there is much more waiting for you....go and get it!!! "

Tuesday, 18th of March 2014: Second-hand clothes!

To start with by second hand clothes I mean clothes I bought two or more years ago! Recently I was shopping with my flatmate and she said that she needs to sort her clothes out to make space for new ones. At this point I realized that I don´t do that I wear my clothes for a pretty long time. Of course not all of them but some pieces I bought years ago and they are still a acitve part of my closet. At this point I probably differentiate myself from most of the girls. I don´t know why I am like that it is just not that easy for me to get rid of my clothes. Looking at my closet a short jeans caught my attention. I bought it 8 years ago (OMG I feel so old saying that)  in London. Back then it was a long years, a few years later I decided to cut them and my a stylish short jeans shorts of them. Last year onyl I spent one of the best beach parties in Thailand with them connecting them to a lot of great memories. Therefore my clothes, all our clothes, have history!!  When I go shopping I select my clothes very carefully and usually I wear them. In my closet there is only one dress I never wore. I knoe that my girlfriends have several pieces to them. So I buy clothes only when I really like them and that´s the reason I am keeping them that long. Somehow, I have the feeling a have a collection of second-hand clothes in my closet full of history which I really love. On the other hand I am thinking maybe it´s time to say goodbye to some of them in order to make space for new ones with new great memories.....

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Saturday, 1st of March 2014: LONDON REPORT!

Time passes so fast! It´s been now half a year that I am living in London,another half a year left before deciding whether to stay, move back or search for a new destination.

Anyway, it is time to share some first impressions with you about a very special city... London!!


Comparing to my hometown you feel that London is alive though it doen´t give you necessarily the big city feeling. On my way to my bus station I always have to fight myself through a crowd of people, crossing 4 busy roads though my bus station is only 5 min away. Did I mention that I am living in central London??? It is really awesome!! It takes me 15 min to walk to Big Ben and only 5 min to Buckingham palace.


The weather here is really crazy!! It not necessarily worse than in other European countries but it changes a few times a day. In the mornings it´s usually sunny and blue sky. Somewhere about afternoon it get windy, sometimes rainy with a grey sky. Untill the evening everything can change. :) So rule number 1 always have your umbrella with you!!


The people? I have to say the people in London are generally more polite than in Germany but they are not necessarily friendlier. You hear a lot of "sorries" when someone cuts your way, for example. I have to admit that I have not got to know a lot of English persons at my uni, most of them are from abroad, which really suprised me. But I loove the British  accent, I wish I could talk like that.


In general, London has lot of fashionable people, wearing a lot of different styles. The city makes it more easy for you to try new styles and wear things you usually would not be brave enough to wear.


Going out in London for dinner even during the week you will always find crowded places (execept the place is really badI). So make sure you always do reservations,e sp. on the weekends. Going out in London is fun. There so many clubs and places.I, personally, don´t like Soho and Covent Garden for going out. You always have the feeling to be in a tourist place with a bad atmosphere. If you like to dress up go to Kensington or Mayfair, promoters can put you on the guestlist and save you the entry. If you prefer it more casual and you like electro Shoreditch is the right place.


I have been visiting a lot of markets. My favorite one is still the one in Camden town, it´s really special though Portobello market in Nottinghill is also very cute. In regard to museums, I have to say Victor&Albert Museum didn´t impress me much while exhibtions are in general more interesting. Yesterday I was at the ARt14 exhibtion, it was really amazing!


Anyway, so far my impressions, London is a great city though not yet sure if it is for me to stay ;) Xx

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Thursday, 06th of June 2013: My Showroom! A cold summer´s day out in Berlin!

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Thursday, 06th of June 2013: Berlin:The fashionable influence of a metropolis!

Different city...different style? Have you heard about this?

For the last days I have been visiting a friend in Berlin. My friend picked me up from the airport, wearing a homey sweater and baggy pants and wearting no make-up, looking comfortable but somehow still good. I, myself, was dressed rather chic, wearing a nice blouse and a flashy necklace.


Spending the next days in Berlin, I realized that not only my friend has adopted an easygoing and cool style, but most of the Berlin people did. Amongst them there were a lot of Hipsters, especially wearing sneakers and fancy glasses. Besides them, there is another group: the alternative ones! Yes, there seems to be a difference between those two groups! My friend explained to me that alternative people dress more down to earth, black tight jeans and a black t-shirt, wearing a jute bag is totally enough, hating everything commerical. Hipsters on the other side are going more with the trend and are more fake in the eye of my friend.


Of course there are also chic people in Berlin, but a nonchalant style is definitley predominant! In Munich on the other side, there are more chic people, Hipsters and alternative ones are more rare than in Berlin. Subconsciously I got influenced by the Berlin style and bought on my shopping trip a perfectley comfy grey sweater and an easy t-shirt (see picture) in a little individual Berlin start-up fashion shop. Wearing ths sweater on my way back to munich a felt a little bit cooler than on my arrival. Through my clothes I adopted the Berlin attitude, I don´t for how long, but I love it!


Next week, I am visiting a friend in London, let´s see which influenced it will have on me!? :)




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    Fashiongirl3 (Saturday, 22 June 2013 19:43)

    Nice post! I observed the same style in Berlin!

Friday, 24th of May: Fashion Magazin Internship Report!

First of´s good to be back!!


I have to admit for the last year I have been absent, I am sorry for that! But I had some good reason, I was doing a whole year an internship within one of the most important fashion magazins in the world! To be honest I got this internship by accident.. but what´s supposed to be will always find a way (remember that!). All my friends were saying ... "oh its gonna be like the devil wears prada". And honestly it was least a bit.

I was working in the marketing department and my boss was one of the persons who was longest working for that title and therefore the soul of the magazin.

At the beginning it was not easy for me... she was sometimes very rude to me but expected me always to be friedly. She was known as a difficult person. There were a lot of times when I was thinking of quiting the internship but I never dared. The more strange it is that at the end I really had the impression that it wasn´t easy for her to let me go and even I had tears in my eyes. With time I had to learn that you can´t change the persons (especially your boss!)  and staying friendly (thinking something else) was the best way to survive. Besides my boss, I really have to say that I met great great people. Wotking for a time for a consultancy I really couldn´t get along with the people but the people at a fashion magazin are young (or stayed young), creative and frankly. At least I made this experience...there were no big headed tasty chicks...just cool people and with a lot of them I still am in contact.


I know unitil now I just talked about the people, but I think that´s what a job makes particular! Working in the marketing department I was organizing a big shopping Night initiated by our magazin. I had business with all the big luxury brands, getting to know their marketing departments. I even met our chief editor, she is a very pleasant person. giving you the impression that she respect you but not sure if she likes you.In my internship I was organizing a lot.. getting the feeling for high class products,  knowing what embodied our magazin and what not. The complexity factor at my internship was to handle a few things at the same time and to get alinge with my boss.


How I evaluate my time at the fashion magazin??


I learnt how it is to work for an company a whole year and how it is to work for an fashion magazin, getting also insights into the work of the editorial staff. I think it is a job with glamour (my boss got soo many brilliant presents from business partners) and with a special attitude, but i also got to know that the earnings at the beginning are very low. You have to invest time and effort to earn as much as in other companies at the beginnging. I think everbody has to decide for oneself if it is worth it...what do I say? Maybe :)


Working in the marketing department I realized that the job as a fashion buyer could also be interesting for me.....travelling...buying nice things..does sound nice ...doesn´t it´? ;)


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    Fashiongirl3 (Tuesday, 04 June 2013 14:49)

    Thx for the insight! Want to do an internship at a fashion magazin too

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    congratulations guys, quality information you have given!!!

Monday, 28th of May: My Top 5 Must-Haves for Spring/Summer 2012!



I love the trashy and shabby look of these denim shorts. They look like if  they were self-cut  and have a history to tell. Actually my denim shorts are self cut and have been in my closet for years, so please never throw  away old clothes, you never know if you can reuse them! But my favorite vintage denim shorts are the one from GAP shown in the picture. I love the combination of the button order, the fringes and the round staking! Check out Coal N Terry Vintage for various vintage denim shorts! From leopard pattern to pink and flashy you find every model of these Vintage Denim Shorts! You just look very cool and trendy, without putting too much effort into it!



It isn´t only fun to wear long and breezy skirts, but they look great as well! Inspired by the hippie era they still symbolize freedom and liberty. This type of skirt should ideally reach until your waist and be ankle-deep. You can combine it with sandals or  ballerinas, but high heels look also fantastic with this skirt. Combine it with a short top and you get the new belly free (see article above)! If it gets cold just throw a denim jeans jacket over to get the perfect look! No matter if turqouise like in the picture, with a flower print or in any other colour/print every girl should have this summer a long and breezy skirt in her closet!




Actually Short Tops fit perfectly to the vintage denim shorts and the long skirt described above! Short Tops can either be tighter or wider, they can have short sleeves or none. I love the one with the flower print in the picture with the zipper in the middle! It looks like summer and it is  a perfect piece for the NewBellyfree!




Denim Jeans is back! No matter if jeans shorts or jeans jackets, denim jeans is attractive again! Actually I found in my Mum´s closet an old jeans jacket which is a little bit wider than usually and I decided to wear it again! Denim jeans jackets are great for summer nights and are easy to combine! Somehow it always fits! You can also combine it with short tops like the one above and long skirts! Actually it´s like a basic every girl and boy shoud have in their closet!




Leather jackets in combination with staking look like Rock´n´roll and glamour at the same time! Combine it with a jeans and your look is cool and ready-to-wear! Combine it with a tight dress and some high heels and you are ready for the red carpet! This Jacket is versatile but always outstanding!


Saturday, 17th of march: The new Bellyfree!

I guess the inspiration for this new trend was actually the bikini of Maryln Monroe! The Idea is simple you combine a bottom which is reaching until your waist with a little short upper part. You are waering a kind of a belly free outfit without showing your navel and that´s exaclty what I love about this trend! The good thing is that girls without a perfect belly can join this trend because you don´t actually show the whole of it. I discovered this trend watching the spring/summer collections 2012 of various designers. Between others D&G, Prada, Blumarine and Acne committed to this trend.


Sunday, 5th of February: Macrotrends Spring/Summer 2013!

Spring/Summer 2013? Wondering why I am already talking about the trends of 2013 before spring 2012 has even started? Well, for us consumers it may be only important to follow the current trends, but fashion companies have to know about the trends of tomorrow to start engaging in new collections and projets! But how  can the numerous fashion companies detect the same trends the next season?


And that´s where WGSN start playing a role! WGSN is the leading trend analysis and research service providing creative and business intelligence for style, design and retail industries! Beside numerous companies Topshop and Ms Selfride are using the service of WGSN! Finding out that WGSN is helding a seminar for macrotrends 2013 in my city, I knew I had to be there! Well, getting in was harder than I thought! It turned out that this seminar was rather thought for fashion companies to get inspired, for people who are working "in the bussiness"! But declaring that I am business student with high ambitions I finially got in!


And now FashionDrums will provide you with the exclusive Fashion trends of 2013! The trends are grouped into the following three sections:


1) Idiomatic: Cutural aspects! This category is influenced by the Natives and Arizona on one hand and eastern Europe with traditional baltic and ukraine appearance on the other hand! This cultural topic is mirrored in traditional patterns and accessories! Men should not miss the african-american Jazz-Look, wich I personally love!


2)Wonderlab: This topic is marked by water colours and is rather cool and antiseptic! The casual look is defined by metal details as well as microbiotopic prints! The motto is "searching beauty in the unexpected"!

Category Wonderlab
Category Wonderlab

3) Story of now: This category defines reality in a non-linear way and is strongly influenced by Postmodernism! Further influences stream from the occupy movement and the search for everyday beauty is a major aspect! Fashion for men is additionally influenced by Pop-culture! Regarding accessories traditional forms are trying to be redefined!

Category Story of now
Category Story of now

Of course we don´t know yet how the clothes of tomorrow will look exactly, but they will have to do will the three topics mentioned above! I already love them! How the implementaiton of the diverse fashion companies will look like we will have to await! I am curious already!



Friday, 27th of January: H&M Check- Let´s talk about fairness!

Yes, we all want trendy clothes! And if you are a student and low on money there is another important criterion: They have to be cheap!


H&M seams to unify those two aspects of trendy and cheap clothes! As you might have seen my outfits also include H&M pieces! Watching the preview of an ARD report dealing with the fairness of working conditions in H&M factories in low- wage countries, I realized that I wanted to now under which circumstances my clothes are produced and whether I am OK with this!


First of all, of course we all know that there must be a reason why H&M can offer a t-shirt for 4,95 Euro, the question is rather how high is the ethical price?


According to the ARD report H&M produces its clothes mainly in Asia! There is a reason why they chose the Asian countries for production: Low wages! We should not be surprised about this fact,  but how low are the wagdes exaclty and under which circumstances do the employees work? Hendrik Lampa, the H&M Manager for sustainability assures in the report that H&M is meeting all the required industrial safety regulations and is never under the minimum wage in their factories! But as the report showed the problem are especially the sub-suppliers of H&M which are numerous and hard to controll!


And this is how it happend that the reporting team met the 12-year old Amina (picture above) in Bangladesh, who is working (standing!) in one of  the sub-suppliers factories 12 hours the day for just 35 Euro per month! Her father went blind and now she has to support her family! Of course this sounds cruel, but you have always to ask yourself what would be the alternative if she could not work there? She would have to earn money anyway, I think that e.g. prostitution would be a lot more cruel way!


Of course, H&M should pay a little bit more to the workers in Asia! They could afford this by lowering their profit margins without increasing their prices dramatically (thats at least what we learned in university :))! This would pay out in a better reputation! Another important point is that H&M has to controll its sub-suppliers in a better way, e.g. through unheralded controls with consequences!


After all, it´s not easy to judge whether you should support H&M by buying their products or not! But I have the impression that H&M is making efforts to make working conditions better and employing children in poor countries is another controversery topic which should not be observed only from one side!





Tuesday, 17th January


Love at first sight: Peter Pan Collar with leopard pattern!


"I ´m just looking, I won´t buy anything! There is really no money left for shopping!"

That´s what I told myself as I decided to take a look at some shops this mornining before going to university! Well, this attachment didn´t work out as intended! I´m pretty sure you know what I am talking about :)


I passed the first shop without finding anything interesting, walking into Zara however was a lot more dangerous decision! Spotting this black blouse with a peter pan collar with leopard pattern I knew I had to try it on at least! After all I was searching for an extraordinary blouse with a peter pan collar for a long while, and this one was with leopard pattern! Of course I would not buy it!


Well, right now the blouse is part of my wardrobe and is hanging in my closet! At least I tried to resist! But after all it was on sale and I am a girl and a girl needs pretty things! :)




Elle, Diamonds,The One, Mademoiselle
Elle, Diamonds,The One, Mademoiselle

Sunday, 8th January 2011

The Perfume,The One!


I believe that there exist a perfect perfume for every just have to find it!

Because not every perfume smells the same on different people! Trying Chanel No. 5 in an perfumery I decided that it doesn´t smell good at! But some days ago I noticed that a friend had a new very good smelling perfume, asking her for the brand..she said Chanel No. 5! :)

But  now I want to introduce you to MY Top 4 perfume ranking! Maybe you still like it when you try it yourself!


No. 1: THE ONE- Dolce&Gabbana

Actually this is my favorite one, THE ONE! Some friends say that this is my perfume and they feel reminded of me when they smell it! It has a intensive smell but isn´t flashy at all! It is sweetish but not too much of it! By the way I think that GiseleBündchen was a better testimonial than Scarlett Johansson!



Chanel Mademoiselle has a strong recognition value! When I´m shopping and a woman pass me by who is wearing Mademoiselle, I will recognise it at once!

Because of the intensive smell I am wearing it especially when I´m going out!

In my opinon Keira Knightley doesn´t embody this perfume as a testimonial at all!


No.3: ELLE- Armani

I really do love this perfume and it is a lot cheaper than my No.1 and No.2!

It isn´t easy to describe the smell, you just have to try it! It is dulcet and intensive at the same time!


No.4: DIAMONDS- Armani

I discovered this perfume some years ago and got it for Christmas again!

The smell evaporate rather quickly so the smell isn´t too intensive! But there is something special about this smell, I could smell it all day! It is similiar to my No.3!


If you have some recommendations regarding perfume I´d love to know!

And if you don´t you can try my TOP 4! Maybe you will find YOUR perfume!




Wednesday, 4th of January 2012


Spotted: Gossip Girl Couture!


I have to make one confession: I am addicted to Gossip Girl!

When I heard the first time about Gossip Girl I thought that it is another stupid girly thing!  But once I started watching it there was no way back... :)


This series has so much style and every fashionista should watch it, even if it is only because of the outfits!


The leading parts regarding female fashion play Blair (left) and Serena (right)!

Blair´s style is rather chic and coltish  while Serena´s style is more glamorous and sexy! Of course both of them are always wearing luxury brands, after all it´s the Upper East Side where the two fashionasts live!

The new episodes will come very soon and I can´t wait to see their new outfits!

You will find my favorite Outfits of Blair and Serena on my Facebook Site!




Monday, 2nd January 2012


FashionDrums goes for Facebook!

New year, new ambitions!


That´s the reason I decided to make FashionDrums more public!

If you like my page it would be great if you could like it on facebook!

It´s so much easier to share my lastest discoveries wirth you!

You won´t miss posts anymore!

Thank you!



Yves Saint Laurent Volume Mascara
Yves Saint Laurent Volume Mascara

Wednesday, 28th of December 2011


One moment, one look ... one special Mascara!

It´s the Yves Saint Laurent Volume Mascara with a false lashes effect!


Once I used this mascara some years ago, no other mascara I tried was ever good enough in comparison! My cousin who was visting me tried my mascara and isn´t buying her old one anymore.


Putting on this mascara  you recognize that it is a product of high quality! It´s a kind of experience everyone has to make on their own!


Unfortunaltey it dries up quickly! That means that this special experience lasts only for the first weaks you are using it! That´s the reason I tried some other mascaras but in the end I stayed  with my Yves Saint Laurent Volume Mascara because I don´t want to miss the special moments! 



Sunday, 25th of December


First of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! I hope that you are all having a holy feast with your family and friends! Unfortunalty I don´t have a white christmas here where I live, I hope you are better off!


My present for you? I am showing you my first outfits!

I know the photos are still amateurish but I promise it will get better with every photo shooting! :)


As I told you I was waiting for my H&M packet!  Friday was day it was delivered!

I really like the clothes but my Asos packet made me happier a lot.


The $ 3 dresses are very nice but too large for me! :(


Because I was trying my new clothes on my first outfits consist mainly of H&M clothes!


I hope you like them!





Asoso Shell Block Heel Loafer with Metal Heel
Asoso Shell Block Heel Loafer with Metal Heel

Thursday, 22th of December 2011


My Asos packet arrived today!


It is the first time I ordered there! I got attracted by their Sale offers and their fabulous creations.  I have the impression that they offer designs  which you can´t get everywhere. A lot of their products are special in a very good way!


First I wasn´t sure because of their conditions of payment. I prefer to transcribe the amount of money of the things I´m keeping and sent the rest back to the retailer.In this case they are going to book it from my credit card. I would receive the money back for things I sent back to them.


Wanting to avoid the long transport back ( they don´t adhere for damage in transit) to them I only ordered things I really wanted to keep.


And surprise! The few things I ordered are all great! :)

By the way Asos is really fast, it took them less than a week to deliver my packet.

My absolute favorite are my new Block Heel Loafer with metal heel! I already thought that they are really great when I saw them in the online shop but in reality they are even greater! I love the combination of the elegant design (material suede) and the edgy metal heel! I can´t wait to take them for a walk!


Now I am awaiting a packet from H&M. I ordered a lot beause who would say no to a dress for less than 3 $ ? Fashion lovers, I tell you, sale time is a hard time for us! And online shopping makes it even worse! But it makes so much fun to be weak! :)



Tuesday, 20th of December


Let me introduce you to my new friend Chanel Rouge Allure!


Red lips should be part of every outfit  at this season (at least I am not leaving the house without using red lipstick)!


Well, it isn´t only red lipstick, it´s my very own Chanel Rouge Allure! I have a kind of connection to it! Sounds crazy, but I am sure some of you understand what I am talking about.


I discovered it when my friend from Sweden was visiting me some months ago, always using this lipstick! I was never wearing red lipstick before, but I tried it just for fun because I liked the design of the package. For the rest of her stay my friend had to share her Channel Rouge Allure with me! :)


As we all know, Chanel products have their price and I am only a poor student, so it wasn´t only some days ago I got my own Chanel Rouge Allure for birthday!


I chose the lip coulour 71 fatale, a dark intensive red! I also like the lighter red coulours, but I am rather pale, so I looked like a clown with it. I think 71 fatale is perfect for me!


Maybe you will find your very own Chanel Rouge Allure as well!


For further make-up tips look under Recommendations!



Monday, 19th of December 2011


FashionDrums...that´s it! My own fashion blog!


To be honest, I started this blog because I was bored! It was meant to be created just for me, a place where I could store all my impressions about fashion. Because I really do love fashion! It has something magnificant and is changing all the time! I love reading about new fashion trends and I could observe people in the pedestrian area for hours, just to check on their outfits!


Once I started writing this blog, high aspirations arose from nowhere!

I had a vision, a brilliant concept! The idea? I wanted to combine the latest trends from the catwalks in Paris and Milan with the fashion worn by fashionistas in the big metropolises by showing some street looks. To make it perfect the latest news in fashion should haven been shed hear.


But well, my plan wasn´t that easy to realize!

Yes, I wanted to show here the latest trends of the global players like Chanel or Gucci. What I didn´t consider was the fact that some photos would be necessary to show the new creations! And the problem is called: COPYRIGHT!

Copying the Pre-Fall collection 2012 of Chanel from the Vogue page (you should take a look- great collection!) I became aware of this too obvious fact! But once you have a vision you don´t think about such things!


I wanted to give up on this blog!

But then a new thought came up in my mind! What if I made a more personal blog? A blog where I could share MY lastest fashion discovery with you, who are obsessed with fashion in the same way? Where I could show you my favorite outfits, shops and designers? Hoping that you would share here something of your fashion world as well!


This is FASHIONDRUMS! My very personal fashion blog!




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